Not Happy With Your Results From Traffic Exchanges?

Discover How You Can Avoid The 13 Deadly Mistakes That Are Costing You Time, Results And Money Using Traffic Exchanges

If you are making these mistakes they will be costing you money and results each and every hour you spend surfing.

Even if you are missing just one or two of them it will be costing you 3 or more times the results you deserve for your time, effort and money.

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Time is money. Some people forget that just because you can use most traffic exchanges without spending any money that it is free. If it were really free and you value your time at that please contact me. I have some work for you that pays.... Well, nothing.

Now let's get serious here. Your time is valuable and one of the best ways to get started can be to trade time for money especially in your advertising. This doesn't mean that it is free. The key though is to get the most bang for your buck (or your time.)

Use them properly...

Traffic exchanges are often the first stop for new marketers. If you are starting out you are looking for free and inexpensive ways to get traffic. If you sell products that new marketers need this can be an extremely targeted form of traffic.

Target your offer properly and this can be a virtual gold mine. Why then do so many people say "Traffic exchanges don't work?" Why can I and many others I know make a full time living from traffic exchanges and 95% traffic exchange users make little or nothing? The answer is quite simple. They don't use them properly.

These mistakes are actually tragedies for your marketing. Here are just a few ways this book can help you.


  • Tragedy#1 is deadly and fixing just that one thing can double your results.
  • Tragedy#2 costs over 75% of all surfers a chance for any success. You must avoid this mistake at all costs.
  • Tragedy#4 keeps people from building a sustainable business. This along with Tragedy#5 almost guarantee failure.
  • Tragedy#5 results in more people failing than any of the others. Avoid this mistake and there is no limit to what you can do.
  • Tragedy#6 costs you money every day. Fix this one thing and your results are guaranteed to improve.
  • Tragedy#9 causes you to waste effort. Fix this problem and maximize your time and money.

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Simple, to the point and above all else 'must have' information on how to get real results from the traffic exchanges. anyone who has ever said these things don't work need to read William's 13 T.E. Tragedies now!"

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Quality report about traffic exchanges.
I had to write to say thank you for creating another quality report about traffic exchanges. They are such a great traffic generator but so many people fail with them because they do not use them the right way. Your report highlights the main reasons why people fail and after everyone reads your report we should have some very successful exchange users.

Steve Ayling

Tells it like it is
William tells it like it is, plain and simple. If you're looking to surf AND earn this guide is an absolute must read! Interesting, enjoyable and educational. Whether you have been surfing years or you've just started you will pick up some gems here.

Paul Kinder...


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